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my dog Poldi - netter7
my dog Poldi
Isn´t he beautiful?

Taody i need Poldi very much, my dog always makes me happy. Poldi is always in a good mood.

My feeling today is bad, i have a cold and today i can only drink some tea.

best wishes to all of you out of there!


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From: levinhurst Date: March 9th, 2007 11:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
hello this is megan from _realthin

My best friend is going to the Max Planck Institute in Tuebingenin. I am going to visit her for about a month in June.

I am currently in a nursing program to get my BS in nursing here in the states.
My mother suggested I look into similar school and prgrams in germany, so that I could finish my education there.

can anyone direct me to links or names of schools that offer something like a BS in nursing?
thank you!
they need not be just in Tuebingenin, but any German city is fine.

i remembered you telling me where you live in germany
any ideas??

how are you?

gorgeuos pup, btw!
netter7 From: netter7 Date: March 11th, 2007 08:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hello levinhurst!

That will be no problem, you can learn nursing in nearly every hospital.

Here are two adresses directly form tübingen,

Loretto Klinik GmbH
Katharinenstr. 10
72072 Tübingen

Tropenklinik Paul-Lechler-Krankenhaus
Paul-Lechler-Str. 24
72076 Tübingen

You just have to write to the "personalabteilung" that means a kind of bureau that makes contracts with the working people.

In germany you work in a hospital three or four days a week and the other
one or two days you go to a school. So you are learning nursing combined with manny practise.

I hope that was a good advice and i also hope they will give you the job you need.

May be, we can meet one day. :-)

Best wishes


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